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Senior Leadership Team

Tony Kake - CEO

It is appropriate to acknowledge the vision and dedication of our forefathers. The people whose foresight recognised the need for a Marae in Papakura. No reira ngamihirawe kia koutou katoa.


I hope you find this website useful and easy to navigate. I welcome your feedback positive or not. The Marae is here to stay. The doors are always open to you as individuals or as whanau, Hapu, Iwi. Nau Mai Whakatau Mai.


I am excited about the opportunities ahead for the Marae and equally challenged by the hardship and difficult circumstances many of our community/whanau experience every day.


I am keen to listen, learn and work collaboratively with anyone who shares an interest in making our community a proud, prosperous better place to live. I want to create a habitat of success culturally, socially and economically and believe the Marae is positioned well through the range of support services to facilitate this with whanau.


I am certain our staff are up for the task, are committed to the kaupapa and will give 100% every time, every day.


‘Kei konei a matou, hei awhina ia koutou.’


Tony Kake

CEO Papakura Marae

Hine Joyce-Tahere

Leah Strickland

Barbara Betham
Clinic Practice Lead

Jonaan McLeod
People, Capability & Performance Manager

Laura Dalton

Alana Smith 
Whanau Social Services Manager

Jordana Tangaere
The Kaupapa Manager

Jerome Smith
Data, Performance & Communications Lead

Craig Wilson
Site Lead - Wellness Hub

Foulis Foster
Social Work Practice Leader

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